What is it?

Hiring a coach is like hiring a trainer/guide for fitness, wilderness adventures or home design. Coaching helps you move from a stuck place toward your goals. My Journey To Coaching has the express purpose of helping men & women move toward Christlikeness and become more like Jesus.

Our coaches meet you where you are at and help you become a better version of yourself; they do this by helping you unlock your God-given gifts, talents, and goodness.

How does it work?

Generally, you meet by phone or virtually for about fifty minutes. Prior to each session you will complete a brief questionnaire about your progress and what specifically you would like to focus on during the session together. During the session the coach will serve as a guide in helping you achieve your goals.

Before the end of the call you will confirm the next session. Appointments can be made at varied times throughout the week, as agree upon by you and your coach.

Our coaches use soul care methods, language, and some processes practiced by The Crucible Project as well as the individual coach’s skill set.

What are the benefits?

With coaching you will discover how and where you are stuck, be guided to break through barriers and achieve your goals.

“[I have] a coach who leads with strength and compassion. They’re intensely interested in my life and not only coaches but walks alongside me through the highs and lows.” – A.

You will find a trusted professional walking alongside and encouraging you; giving guidance as you move out of your current place to something better; someone who can tap your own personal resources and God-given giftedness to live as a better you.

How can I get started?

Fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you.


Pay for Coaching

Get started by submitting the form above. Once you’ve confirmed with the coach leader then pay here before each coaching session. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button below to pay for a coaching session. You may pay for multiple sessions by adjusting the quantity in your cart during checkout.

$150 / session (discount available with My Journey To membership)

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