What is My Journey To?

My Journey To is an online resource for pursuing emotional and spiritual renewal, wellness and belonging. We provide both recorded and live experiential processes and activities designed to help you explore and work on your internal, emotional world.

How does My Journey To differ from other spiritual online resources?

My Journey To resources are based on the soul work expertise of The Crucible Project worldwide community. The experiential processes go beyond the merely informational or inspirational offering the opportunity for you to transform your life.

Will I need to share about myself with anyone spiritually?

While the live events will include others, you will always have the ability to mute your audio and video, so no one can see you.  On the flip-side, we also offer connection events and groups, so that you can increase your level of emotional connectedness, as much as you wish.

What is The Crucible Project?

The Crucible Project a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is “Igniting Christ-like change in men and women through experiences of radical honesty and grace.” We offer weekend experiences, workshops, groups and coaching services.  Our work has been going since 2002.  The Crucible Project organization was formed in 2005.  Learn more about The Crucible Project.

Does My Journey To conflict with or support spiritual values and principles?

My Journey To is a service offered by faith-based organization, The Crucible Project. We strive to ensure that all we do is consistent with Biblical principles and values.  That said, many of our processes will be new to most believers, so we invite you to enter in with an open mind and heart.

Is My Journey To a substitute for professional counseling/therapy?

Our services are not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling.  While we refer to those developing and presenting resources here as soul work experts, they are, for the most part, not degreed mental health professionals.  Those experiencing any kind of mental illness should seek professional help.

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