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Welcome to My Journey To, an online resource for pursuing renewal, wellness and belonging. My Journey To provides soul care opportunities to increase your awareness of your thinking, feeling and behavior patterns through recorded and live experiential processes.

Are you interested in growing in your awareness of your emotional, spiritual, and relational self?

Are you seeking to find understanding of the patterns in your life?

Here, you will find guides to help you engage in exercises to not only learn but also experience greater awareness and wholeness. Your experiences within My Journey To will bring you renewal, wellness and belonging in your life.

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What You Get

Soul Care Library

Library of recorded sessions, available 24/7, wherever you are.

Live Connection Events

Opportunities for you to connect with others on the Journey. Check-ins and discussions.

Live Workshops

Live opportunities for you to take deeper steps into your spiritual journey.

Soul Care Coaching

Engage 1:1 with a coaching expert. Find support and tools to overcome the challenges you encounter on your journey.

Discovery Groups

Find a greater sense of belonging and get support on your journey from other travelers.

Self Assessment

An online tool for you to take an inventory of your life and chart the next steps on your journey.

What others have to say

Clear and applicable teaching. Like that the teaching connected with an exercise to help with my own soul work. Excellent!


Any one of the session is worth the monthly fee!


Insightful. Refreshing and motivating. Well done!


I like how you invited us to consider the new ideas and allowed space for questioning, doubt and differing opinions—but invited us to move forward along with our doubts.


Soul Care Coaching

Are you stuck? Our coaches are here to help you move toward your goals.
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Discovery Groups

In our groups you can find support and positive challenge for your continued journey towards the goals you want to reach.
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